Inspiration for the River Trees series began whilst wildlife watching from a kayak on the Tuckahoe River in Maryland early on a misty morning of a day that promised to be exceedingly hot.  The only window of time not to suffer in the heat would be to set off as soon as there was light enough to see and be seen. Layers of mist hung over the water, trees and banks silhouetted against the progressing daylight, the surface of the river glass-smooth with shadows and reflections repeating mirror-images and reverse patterns to the extent that identifying reality from reflection became curiously difficult.  My interpretation of this experience has been to focus on repetition, mirror imaging and the re-arrangement and layering of fragmented parts of images assembled in a manner where they are not always as they are seen – slightly out of kilter with the real landscape.  Some pictures work well viewed sideways which further removes the real landscape association to offer a more diverse pattern.  Whilst fragments are repeatedly printed from an original drawing, the finished compositions are unique.

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