About Me


I grew up in Suffolk, spent most of my childhood and schooldays in Ipswich and the surrounding countryside and studied at the ‘old’ Ipswich School of Art where practising artists such as Colin Moss and Bernard Reynolds, together with other well-known local artists and craftsmen were our tutors.   For me as a student, the adjacent Ipswich Museum was a delightful source of reference material and inspiration, not knowing that later I would become very involved in museum work

From Ipswich I went on to study 3D Design at Loughborough, further developing design and practical skills of working in wood, metal and clay. Having moved away from Suffolk to study teach and work and spend some time overseas, I have recently moved back to East Anglia, retired from curatorial work within a museum environment, and returned initially to drawing and painting. To date my work has focused primarily on land and seascapes and the shorelines of the rivers nearby, using whatever medium I feel will enable me to give the results I envisage.  I am also exploring a collage method using printed fragments taken from my original drawings to form unique compositions.

Contact Email:  wordpress@bridgetlapsley.com